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  • Modern bathroom equipment

  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2009
    In a minimalist language, this "nothing special" faucet is distinguished by its simplicity and uniformity thanks to its ingenious design and minimal limitation. Again 041460 is the shape of a vertical steel tube that is bent at the head with a faucet mouth located just at the front of the bend and attached to the body of the tube.
    Next is a frosted metal ring, with red and blue lines that regulate hot or cold water, and helps to separate the knob on the top with the rest while avoiding the monotonous feel of the design.
    Manufacturer: ABM Building Materials Technology, Foshan, Guangdong, China
    Design: Xiaoping Tang
    Model cock Again 041860
    Like his brother Again Again 041460, this faucet model is also made based on inspiration for simplicity. There are special features such as tubular steel with shiny stainless steel, frosted metal rings for decoration, bends and mouthpieces on the body of the pipe but the only difference and the biggest difference of Again. 041860 is in its shape.
    Shorter and simpler, it is only with a bending point and a hose mouth forward in a larger angle so the hull is placed low and slanted to ensure both functional and special features.
    Manufacturer: ABM Building Materials Technology, Foshan, Guangdong, China
    Design: Xiaoping Tang
    Puravida faucet
    The sensual design of the cocktail faucet makes it an elegant touch for any bathroom. Puradiva is a bold combination of using surface finish material. The body with soft ivory lines is covered with high-quality paint that feels like a Puravida that grows straight up from the bottom of the porcelain base and is connected to the top surface with adjustable chrome sticks. Shiny, contrasting and luxurious. This design really excited the viewer at first sight.
    Manufactured by: Hansgrohe AG, Schiltach, Germany
    Design: Phoenix Design, Japan
    Design Story Faucet
    From the very gentle play of the name, the Story Faucet simulates the traditional style of tapes that are usually fixed to the wall, awakening visual memories. This little gadget over time.
    The spherical, black metallic head gives the attention of the viewer to the white porcelain spatula at the top - the ultimate highlight of the exciting material mix, providing a pleasant feel to the human. use. Story Faucet is made in two versions, wall type and type for sinks, tubs.
    Manufacturer: Shengtai Brassware Co., Ltd., Chang Hua, Taiwan
    Design: JUSTIME Design Team
    Axor Urquiola faucet and sink
    The harmonious combination of faucets and wash basin has created some interesting points. The washbowl simulates the shape of traditional wooden troughs in old Europe, traditionally styled with new material with horizontal lines at each end, replacing the two handles and can be used to store towels. . In addition, the faucet is designed with asymmetrical structure and use the push bar to adjust the water line is quite strange to express their own voice, causing excitement for the user.
    Manufactured by: Hansgrohe AG, Schiltach, Germany.
    Designer: Patricia Urquiola, Milan, Italy.
    Tai Chi Collection
    Designed by the idea of ​​creating a sculptural product that describes the human posture in a very different way. Accordingly, the faucet collection presents the kinetic movements of tai chi, including four models with varying shapes for different functions.
    However, they all carry the same general characteristics of texture and material, while also incorporating an economical sprayer. With its new shape and ease of use, Tai Chi has been a favorite, especially for those who are interested in the spiritual values ​​of the East.
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